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    Jim Tarber (Edited )

    Further clarification, by "processing the OARs", what this means is "saving what's rezzed in the region".

    User inventories will be lost, so to preserve desired items (I know this is often a lot and way more than can be saved, but do your best, at your discretion and desires), you can rez things from user inventory into the region and thereby include it in these content saves.

    There are no guarantees here, we're just trying to grab as much as possible before Rackspace takes down the servers, but your best chance of preserving anything from inventory that isn't already rezzed depends on the type of inventory item:

    • Objects (with the object/box icon) need to be rezzed directly in the region (anywhere) in order to be more confident that they will be found in the saved data. Note that this includes things you might not think of as objects, such as HUDs, AOs, etc. If you aren't sure, use the icon to determine if it's actually an object.
    • Non-objects (textures, notecards, scripts, etc, things you can't rez directly into a region) are safe inside a box rezzed in the region.

    Note that objects/boxes inside objects/boxes probably won't make it. Our tests seemed to indicate problems there.  So for example, if you have a rezzer of some kind that you want to preserve, and it's not already rezzed, rez it.  That covers a lot, and for some things that are no-mod that you can't pull out nested objects from, there isn't really much that can be done. We will lose some things, probably a lot.  Normally a grid closes you lose everything, but we have a small amount of time to be different.  That's why there is so much effort going on to try to save as much as possible.

    Creators: it's still just as okay to put out your objects as it was in the past, your creations aren't going to other grids unless you take them there yourself. Any OAR files given to end users for the purposes of a move to another grid will be filtered by creator, so customers won't be able to take your creations unless you present them on the other grid.

    I'm not really sure what Ele's plans are for rebirth here, an IW 2.0 or whatever, but at this time we're working hard to focus on preserving the InWorldz grid data, including user accounts, profiles, partnerships, groups, memberships, friends lists, mute lists, etc.  If she can bring it back up (and she has indicated she intends to!), you should be able to log back in again with your current credentials when the time comes.

    Unfortuntely keeping the Rackspace servers up is not going to happen.  Your support and encouragement to continue anyway by rebuilding, especially in the gofundme campaign, has encouraged this attempt to continue.  And a reminder that if you have contributed there but would like a refund, please initiate that refund request on the website and Ele is more than willing to confirm the refund for you.

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    Yichard Muni (Edited )

    No refund for me, but in case our gofunding gift owes us something, sim tiers for me. many will like this too, I think.

    as to cash out unprocessed by paypal, best maybe is to cancel them and keep the munnies in, so that each one can decide to keep them or to cash them out again when we have a new system.


    by the way, when I saw that cashout were not passing, I "naively" opened a ticket in paypal, saying that the money left my account in IW, but never reached my paypal account. I got a reply saying that "I should check with inworldz". In the meanwhile I sent a second ticket, asking why they blocked IW: no reply. Conclusion, I think, paypal does not play honestly: why not to say they did not received payments from IW.

    I suppose Ele will cancel the unprocessed cashouts, but I understand that she has more uregent tasks for now. 

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    Jay Farquart

    how does the saved OAR get to the region owner? where is the correct place that i need to register so that it gets returned to me and how does the return me process go?

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    Jim Tarber

    Jay, there will be two OAR files, the internal one with all the content preserved and still assigned to the same accounts with the same permissions, and an user OAR that has been filtered by creator or a list of creators. The first remains on the grid, the second (filtered) is the one that people can take if they have lost faith in IW.  But I think the fact that both are being offered for use, preserving content after such an event and yet protecting the content as well, says a lot about the grid. 

    Also, I think if you have built things with a partner, etc, then the filtered one can be filtered on both, or three etc. It would need permission of everyone being retained though.  I expect the filtered OAR to be quite lossy though, in terms of filtering by creator eliminating most of your purchases. You can't take them to another grid.  So I'd suggest that people at least check out the OAR on any reborn version of IW. You can always do that and then have more time to do Firestorm OXP exports, or other operations on the full region data, etc.  Essentially, if we don't save he full region with assets now, we won't have options later.

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    Yichard Muni

    What if I have content in several regions? my home is in Vanya sulie, and I have some stuff there. I used the sandbox too (presently closed, so that I am not sure I can finish) and Inworldz events scenic 35 too. Shall I get three OARs? (personnal filtered versions)


    Also sandboxes are closed presently. Elenia told me they would be emptied once oared, and restarted for more oars. I assume this is to avoid people rezzing stuff between oar and removing, as this stuff would not be oared.




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