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    Robert c1985

    There's a certain sense of community that goes beyond the visual world of IW, the friendships are real even though the distances may be great, we thank you and your team for putting this together

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    Benski Trenkins

    We seriously need a like button on here.

    The InWorldz Discord Server has absolutely proven to be a wondeful tool to stay in touch and informed.

    Love the community here. Above anything else.

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    Moonrise Azalee

    More problems in one week than in the last few years put together. That says a lot. This is a good, strong grid with a wonderful community and a great team behind it all keeping it going. Thanks for all your hard work.



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    Sophia Larkspur

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    Judy Dressler

    My big thanks to Ele for a tremendous job. And to Jim that followed upon restarts. Sending them both my helihat... :-D

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    Old Bailey

    I logged into Discord to find out, as others did, what the problem was. The next few hours were truly unexpected fun, terrible jokes and far too much talk about food, interlaced with technical jargon from Ele that I pretended to understand. Thank you everyone for that. :)

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    rig torok
    Like to add my Thanks to the list :)
    Thank You Ele and all of your team behind the scenes - Cool Work!
    Looks like I need this Discord thing sooner than later lol.
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    Justyn Tyme

    We love you ele! 

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    Lindee Ellsmere

    Thanks so much for your message Ele. We love you beyond words. Thank goodness for Discord. That is how I too found out why I couldn't log in, got some help, and made some new friends. Here's to lots more years together!  xo

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    Yichard Muni

    Yeah Inworldz!

    Noms for all!

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    Teal Freenote

    so much appreciation for all the hard work behind the scenes to help us enjoy our virtual lives. Biggest hugs to you Ele and the devs for heroic work this past week!!!

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    Modee Parlez

    Yeah can't remember when we last had such a ALLGRID chat :) was fun altho the grid was down, i had confidence all be ok again :)


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    Pussy Galore

    Discord was the only thing that kept me from panicking when I could find no access to IW or the IW home page. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful new feature. :)  ..  Also many thanks to Zauber for giving me the one piece of information I needed to reconnect. ( The DNS Flush )

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    Lannorra Sion

    This is the first I have heard of a "Discord" channel.  Would someone be kind enough to clue me in on what it is and where to find it?  :)  Thank you!

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    Yichard Muni

    Lannora, Discord (sorry for that name :D) is a communication channel similar to Skype, but much ligher on our computer resources.

    You start here, with creating an account:

    You van have it in the web browser, on in an independent app (recomended if you need it while being in world, and you need to avoid having a web browser open). Free, unless you want more power.

    When you are set up, you need an invite in one of the groups, Inworldz group at least, but there already are a dozen communities or more



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    Benski Trenkins (Edited )

    Lannorra, Yichard explained it well. Discord is a chat app, mostly used by gamers. 

    It is indeed lighter on system resources than for example Skype, and has all things skype has as well. (Using Skype in this post as an example, because most people know it)

    The added benefit is that, besides direct messaging, video and voice calls, file sharing and screen sharing, one can set up servers. Sorta chat rooms if you will with both voice and text channels. 

    Recently InWorldz set up it's own server, hosted by Elenia.

    I highly recommend using the downloaded app, since this gives more control over Notification Settings. Yichard provided the link, but for completion, I am copying it in this reply as well, to have all links and info you need in one reply.

    Get an account and the application here:

    After you have created an account, installed the application or opened the web version, you are ready to enter the InWorldz Server. It is an open invite, meaning that you only need the invite link, which is this: When you click that link while Discord is running, it will immediatly ad InWorldz to your Server List.

    Discord works differently that Skype. There are a lot of questions on the basics of Discord, So Calliope started to give live tutorials which were highly appreceated. Calliope decided to record a Tutorial and post it on youtube, you can watch it here:

    Within a few weeks the server reached almost 200 members already, and is a great place to chat, exchange ideas, or as proven in the issue that Elenia posted about, to stay informed.

    During this last outage, there was a lot of activity on Discord, and some fun conversations, while Elenia kept us posted on what was going on. Despite being unable to log onto InWorldz, the community kept going in Discord.

    The community is one of the main reasons I am here, and adding Discord to our tools of communication, helps a lot. It really fills the gap between inworld communications and group, and the forums. 

    Hope to see you there, and feel free to hit me up if you have any issues getting on the InWorldz server. Or ask inworld in the welcome group, a lot of those members are already on discord as well.

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    RadioRoy Wattz

    Great job on getting everything up and running. It help me personally to take note of the stuff I have been spending a while on here lately developing and to do some cleaning up of my inventory and saving the current inventory as well as downloading scripts that I've been writting just for things in Inworldz. I'm am very happy to say that all my stuff is in good order. Also I do love the way you broke down all the details about what had happened. While on another VR site (witch will remain nameless) when they had a major crash only the privileged people were aware and I lost 3 years of work and they did nothing to help me, so I take my hat off to all who own and operate this great grid and also to all the great volunteers who help as well too ! 


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