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    Madison Binstok

    I had a huge Store there. I was convinced to go back to. That other place. I am annoyed by way of to much sexual harassment there It's Like everyone is on Virtual Viagra... I am dealing with all that. I was returning To InWorldz and reopen my store and continue with friends there that have respect . I loved InWorldz for the Relaxed atmosphere. I went and noticed where I rented my sim from was there but only a few of a hundred parcels and sims were Vacant Very odd she is always totally booked. I almost rented a sim to get to work and have a party. I am so sorry for all that is happening with you Beth and IW and your Dream

     I will be back if things work out. I spent so much in IW. Do not want to add a burden by wanting any moneys back. Good Luck and God Speed I will make banners that say " SAVE InWORLDZ" on Market Place.

     I am babbling, Had dental surgery guess the pain pills are the culprit :)

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    Yichard Muni (Edited )

    Saving Inworldz? I support it! 

    After wikipedia, Paypal committed numerous similar offenses:

    • Palestinians cannot use it, but Israelians living in Palestinia (illegal colonies) can.
    • There is a recent story where Paypal froze the account of a newspaper speaking on how a Syrian refugee adapted in Canada.
    • Other examples where Paypal froze Human Rights defenders accounts, or blocked/delayed random accounts without providing a reason.

    Paypal is used a lot mostly because it was the first (not really, but the firstsuccessful). But there are many other alternatives. See here with pros and cons.

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    Moonrise Azalee

    It's understandable that we are all upset. This is a huge shock. But I'm sure there is a lot more to all of this and nothing is super simple. The ideas presented are very thoughtful and perhaps if a lot more time was available who knows what could be possible. But it is a huge endeavour to simply switch to a co operative ownership.

     I think we need to let Ele respond to some of what was suggested before getting too carried away - don't want to be putting the cart in front of the horse. 

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    Sounds Turner (Edited )

    Sorry to hear the news, what a pile of crap, I don't know where to begin.

    If these people only knew/cared what this does to the community as a whole.

    I think you should try working with a new payment method, maybe stripe might help.
    Payoneer might be an option, everyone could get a free mastercard to cash out payoneer funds.

    I dunno how popular Gloebits is but people are buying and selling gloebits in some hyper grids.
    You use a hud in-world, you click to visit gloebit site and purchase currency which is added in-world.

    Maybe you should have a word with rackspace about extending your servers for a bit. or are they
    money grabbers too? hope things work out for you, and everyone else, you put a lot into InWorldz


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    Yichard Muni

    The go funding campaign is doing well:

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    Christine Nyn

    What a thing to have to deal with...

    I checked my Paypal recurring payments and found that the Inworldz payment now has the status "Cancelled", which I presume would have to have been done by Beth? Thank you for looking ahead and thinking about such things.

    If it is not possible to keep this forum open as Yichard suggested perhaps some other forum that can keep a decent log of messages could be suggested to keep contact going. I don't think Discord is entirely suitable for that.

    Contact should be kept as I'm sure any rescue or reincarnation of Inworldz will immediately be supported by its present residents.

    Beth, could I suggest that you ensure that you manage to retain copies of of any custom asset server code that Rackspace may be using as I understand David did quite a lot of work in that area? Probably an entirely unneeded suggestion but you have so much else to look at in a short time frame.

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    Valaryia DeVinna

    Just speechless, Beth you know you have my prayers, from the very beginning I have tried to support you as best I could and anything you need me for now, please just let me know. Also I would love updates on the podex options as you have them. 

    Holler if you need me hun. Hugs!

    Valaryia DeVinna :)

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    Wheemzel DeCuir

    I didnt realize she put up a Go Fund me page! We can do this people. She needs $17,000.00 and raised almost $3,000 in 2 hours. Spread this link to everyone you know in World.

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    Caipi Gin

    She should post the gofundme-link on the IW Login Page! Why don't she do it?

    We all wish to safe IW! and we would be so happy if there is anything WE can do!


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    Judy Dressler

    Donation done.

    My first thing this morning my time and still foggy in jammies after only a 4hrs night and cervicals plus both hands on fire.

    Now to take shower and login to ask renters of Walking Dreamers Estate to not panic.

    We will save InWorldz.

    Cause we can.

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    Judy Dressler

    We reached already one third of target. Let's rally !

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    Sounds Turner

    I have a good feeling about this, you're all great people, it can't end like that for InWorldz.
    When you get things sorted out, throw a big party at the welcome area.. get down on it!

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    Yngui Islar

    Beth, please put the donation link up on the InWo homepage! <3 Also, if you don't reach the full goal, please consider to use the money to keep the homepage and the most visited sims alive. I am sure that nobody will take offense if their sim goes down for a couple of weeks if we know that
    a) there is a backup
    b) the company and the grid are still alive
    c) the monies will come back eventually and the sims will be restored.
    All we need is the grid running at a minimum level. We are patient people, me thinks :) <3

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    Caipi Gin

    yes Yngui is right! if our avis can stay "alive" even without our matter!

    The most important that IW and our Avis are still there

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    Angel Worship

    I'm sorry to not be supportive but I feel cheated.

    I joined Inworldz about 10 days ago having come from many years in SL. Over those 10 days I bought $45,000 iz and yesterday bought a 2x2 SIM for US$60.

    I am in England, unemployed and live on the equivalent of US$610 per month. With the knowledge and support of my local unemployment office I set up a business to build proposed real life buildings on virtual grids and I had 2 prospective clients. I chose Inworldz as the grid to base my business on. 

    $45,000 iz and US$60 may not be large amounts of money to most people but to me they are huge and their loss will set me back weeks. 

    To me it is irrelevant how you got to where you are today but I do care about your behaviour over the last 10 days and in particular the last few hours.

    Less then 6 hours before you issued your email "Group Notice: The State of Inworldz" you accepted a payment from me to purchase a 2x2 SIM. You knew you had financial problems and you knew there was a good chance that Inworldz may stop trading HOWEVER despite this knowledge you happily allowed your system to take my money in exchange for something you could not guarantee that I would receive. 

    I feel cheated ... you should have made me aware of the issues BEFORE you took my money so that I was aware of the risks and could make an informed choice as to proceed or not. Or if that was not possible you should have suspended SIM purchase and $iz transactions until you were sure of the future.

    Yes I hope you manage to continue to exist as Inworldz, yes I sympathise with what has happened and yes I would return to Inworldz if it's future looks stable BUT I do wish you would have managed the recent demise in a more business like way.

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    Yichard Muni

    Already 44%!!! in 12 hours it is fantastic!

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    Cat Tulluaha

    angel  i totaly agree with all you have said they also took  my  money 4 days ago  they  knew what was  happening here  but we were  not  told  till 3 days before the  shut down  and they want us to donate but what  happens next month if the  amount cannot be reached  are  we to  donate again

    i dont  have  to  bail others  i have  enough for myself to  live  on this  has  left a  sour taste   

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    Dark Mere

    I see the good sense of Beth adding the gofundme-link on the IW Login Page as has been suggested. I think (I am not sure) that Beth is probably fast asleep right now (or trying to) in the middle of her night. I am sure she has been really overloaded the last few days and for the moment, I think it is down to us to do what we can in the mean time.

    Angel Worship:
    I know how you feel, I am very tight for income myself and also live in the UK. I may not have invested the sum you have in such a short time, but invested much more over my time in IW, as have so many. That's not to mention the investment of time and love. I do not think you will feel cheated in time, because I believe that IW will get over this and continue. I have donated what I can, but would donate it all if I could because IW is worth saving, simple as that. This is life, we do not have crystal balls and I am sure Beth has acted as best she can all along.

    Beth, I can't imagine what you have had to deal with over the last week and you are only one person. I am sure that some posts you read here will upset you and its not your fault. At the same time I am sure you understand how some of them feel. I hope we can help you as best we can to sort this out.

    I Love InWorldz!

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    Jenni Eales

    I am very sorry to hear about the problems, and I really hope they can be resolved. If there are things that can be done to resolve we should do that.

    For me as one of the oYo Breedables owner InWorldz has been a big enabler for a lot of ideas, community work, creativity and a great lot of fun. If there is something we can give back, I will be part of it.

    Yes we noticed that many residents vanished wherever they went. Maybe somewhere cooler or more colorful or whatever. For oYo InWorldz are the roots of all our virtual activites, and loosing it would be a lot more damage then the izzies, the lovingly build places or anything we piled up in our inventories.

    Let's hold together and work on a solution - if there is any chance!

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    Beth Reischl

    Angel, we are refunding everyone, because we do NOT want you to feel cheated. You should have seen your region refund come through already, as I started from yesterday's purchases and worked backwards. Please let me know if you did not. Mai also started working backwards on I'z purchases and went through one week of those yesterday, she will be working on the next week today. 

    I'll set the GFM on the webpage, and sorry for not much response since yesterday afternoon, between discord, refunds and the GFM setup, I was a bit busy and it was a very emotional day. I'm still pretty emotional over it, but you guys are fighting like mad and that's what matters! 

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    Do Negulesco

    @Beth: Does that mean the ones who have just Izzies from sales on their account will be refunded as well?

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    Beth Reischl

    Do, if we can get through this and the GFM is successful, we'll either refund the I'z you cashed out, or we'll hold them until the balances are there to honor those cashouts. Either way, the PayPal cashout account is wiped out so we start fresh with them Cashouts. We'll do our utmost to honor cashouts as it grows again.

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    Vulcan Viper

    I have but I$50 in here; all that's left of what I received from Virtual Ability.

    As for the harsh words you expected... I wouldn't for the life of me know why.

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    Do Negulesco

    Thank you Beth ... thats all I need to know  ;)

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    jd blues

    jd blues just loves it when a plan comes together?

    dont you just love it when the minority join hands to use the power

    to overcome the onslaught of the mighty

    almost there beth



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    Sunny Whitfield

    Going to donate now. WE can do this!!! Keep putting the word out to donate to SAVE INWORLDZ!!

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    Wheemzel DeCuir (Edited )

    Good morning everyone!! (here in Calif.) What a community! In just 15 hours we are almost at $12,000.00!  We pull together and give what we can and this shows what is possible. Keep sharing the link and spreading the word. Every little bit helps. Yes JD Blues...coming together and showing what is possible. Awesome!

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    Wheemzel DeCuir

    Just over $13,000.00!!!! Woot woot!!!


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    Yngui Islar (Edited )

    @Beth: when you have a minute (no hurries!) can you explain this to me maybe? "we will apply your donations to your region tier" - I have rented a quarter of a sim from Matt Foxclaw so I don't have a tier myself. How does it work for the likes of us? Not asking b/c I want my monies to be refunded but rather because if you say that donations will be converted to L$ for me as a normal user, then I'd happily donate a 2nd time and just consider it a prepayment :)


    ETA: forget the question, I saw it in the announcement <3

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    Yngui Islar

    @Beth: also: thank you!!!! <3 I can imagine that you are beyond tired at this point but it looks like we are pulling this off so keep hanging in <3 <3 <3

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